Prerequisites for starting a Youtube channel in 2022

Not a “Gear doesn’t matter” article

Teja Seelam
4 min readJan 28, 2022


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Are you thinking to start a new Youtube channel but are so demotivated that you don’t have any high-end gear for that? Well… let me tell you this.


Yeah, I know that you are pretty tired of hearing this. But it is partially true. I said partially because you do need some gear that you need to purchase that will not be hard on your pocket but still makes a lot of difference. So here are a few suggestions from me that you can use to get started with your Youtube game.

These are the things you need to keep in mind while making a Youtube video.

1. Content

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Let us imagine that you got a high-end Sony camera and a professional Rode microphone. But if the content is not good, people will not like the video. When they said Content is the King, they meant it.

Pick a niche you want to make videos on, come up with content ideas. Script it, start filming.

2. Audio

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It is so hard to get viewer retention on the video if the audio sucks. So focus on the audio.

So do I need to buy a professional Rode mic? Well… NO.

Follow these tips to get good audio output.

  1. Invest in a good entry-level microphone like BOYA M1 that you can get on Amazon at around 900 INR. I have used this and let me say, the audio quality is really good. This is an absolute mic for those getting started on Youtube.

2. Record the audio in a silent room isolated from the crowd noises and vehicle honks outside. That will make a huge difference to the audio.

3. Use an audio recording app that can remove any noise from the background captured from the surroundings. I use Dolby On app for this purpose.

3. Video

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Let me make this clear. You do not need a dedicated DSLR for shooting your videos. If you own a good smartphone that was launched in 2020 and newer, you are good to go. Most of the recent smartphones come equipped with a good set of cameras and video capturing capabilities. So mount your smartphone onto a tripod to keep it stable in place. Any Cheap tripod would do the work. One more thing to keep in mind is the lighting, which takes me to the next point.

4. Lighting

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It is important to maintain good light when shooting videos. Nah, I won’t tell you to go out and buy an Aputure softbox or anything. Instead, use the natural light that comes in from your window. Use a thin white cloth to make the light softer that will well light up your face and room while not being harsh at the same time.

5. Editing

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Now comes the most fun part as well the hardest part while making Youtube videos. EDITING. This is where your video will get a shape and its flavour. So try learning some basic video editing as this is a very important part of making Youtube videos.

Do not spend money on buying video editing software when you are just getting started. There are a lot of good video editing tools that are both free and powerful.

I use Hitfilm Express for all of my editing work, it works great. It is free, has a ton of features. I can even animate a bit using this tool.

If you feel like Hitfilm Express is too much for you to take in(which I’m honestly speaking, felt like it too when starting out), you can look at some other options like Shotcut, Lightworks, and Davinci Resolve, just to name a few.

Now that you got an idea to make a video on, take a book out and script it. Shoot it, add your flavour in the editing and boom!!!

Remember that the main ingredient required for making a Youtube video is the passion you have for that thing and a truckload of patience. So now RISE AND GRIND.

Apna Time Aayega

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